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Triangular Brush

The triangular brush used for maintaining artificial turf is a specialized tool designed for cleaning, grooming, and preserving the fibers of the synthetic lawn. This type of brush typically has a triangular shape, facilitating precise maneuvering on the turf surface.

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Grooming Fibers: The triangular brush is used to gently and thoroughly groom the fibers of the artificial turf, keeping them upright and enhancing the overall appearance.

Debris Removal: It is effective in easily removing debris such as leaves, small branches, and other unwanted materials from the surface of the artificial turf.

Stain Removal: If there are stains or dirt on the turf surface, the triangular brush helps in thorough cleaning, maintaining the cleanliness of the turf.

Promoting Ventilation: Using the brush aids in promoting ventilation at the base of the artificial turf, preventing moisture retention and contributing to the overall health of the turf.

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