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Welcome to our STORE page, your ultimate destination for top-quality artificial turf and plant solutions. From sports fields to picturesque landscapes and lush vertical gardens, our comprehensive range caters to all your synthetic grass and plant needs. 

Our products, including a variety of artificial turf accessories, are designed for durability, aesthetics, and ease of installation. Regularly produced and part of our dynamic inventory, we ensure that these essentials are always in stock, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Embracing efficiency, we also offer surplus items from our latest shipments at exceptional discounts. 

Continuously updated, our STORE page promises great deals on ready-to-ship products, reducing our warehouse storage while offering you the best in artificial greenery. 

Stay tuned for our latest updates and take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your spaces with our ever-available, high-quality selections



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Explore our selection of Sport Artificial Turf, designed for the most realistic and durable soccer fields. 

Our high-quality synthetic grass is always in stock, ensuring we can ship immediately to meet your needs. Regularly produced and constantly replenished, these products are part of our ongoing efforts to minimize warehouse storage by offering continuous sales until they are gone. 

Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates and grab the best deals on top-tier sports turf.


Move your outdoor spaces with our Landscape Artificial Grass. Perfect for creating stunning, maintenance-free landscapes, our synthetic grass blends beauty with practicality. 

Available for immediate dispatch, these products are a staple in our inventory, produced regularly to ensure availability. Some items are surplus from container loads, offered at exceptional prices. 

Stay updated with this page for continuous sales on our ever-ready stock


Beautify your surroundings with our Boxwood Ivy Artificial Vertical Gardens. Available in convenient sizes of 50×50 cm and 100×100 cm, these artificial plant walls offer a lush, green aesthetic without the upkeep. 

As part of our effort to reduce storage pressures, these evergreen products are always available and frequently updated to include overstock items at unbeatable prices. 

Keep this page bookmarked for the latest in vertical garden innovations and deals.


Our premium GRASS YARN selection, crafted with unmatched expertise across our seven dedicated Yarn production lines. Our extensive range encompasses yarns specifically designed for soccer turf, landscape grass, and curl grass, ensuring versatility and superior performance in various applications. 

At the core of our high-quality grass yarn lies our commitment to excellence, sourcing top-tier plastic pellets directly from Saudi Arabia and incorporating BASF’s UV-resistant materials to enhance durability and longevity under the sun. 

Whether you’re looking for high-grade yarn for any type of artificial turf, we invite you to consult with us. 

Our advanced materials and production capabilities are at your service to meet any import requirements for grass yarn, promising unparalleled quality and satisfaction


Find all the necessary Artificial Turf Accessories to complete your installation with ease. 

From joining tapes to adhesive, our range includes everything needed to ensure a seamless setup for both sports and landscape artificial grass. 

Regularly stocked and part of our continuous sale strategy, these accessories are readily available to ship.

We aim to reduce warehouse storage by constantly offering these products until sold out. 

Check back often for updates and to take advantage of our storage clearance sales.

Nationally, our reputation is built on our consistent delivery of high-quality products at expedited rates. Please browse our consistently available inventory.



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