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Screen with these easy install maintenance-free, vibrant, and designed to enchant

Outdoor Privacy Leaves Screening

Artificial Greenery Wall is a stunning, maintenance-free solution to bring the essence of nature into your space. Crafted with high-quality, UV-resistant materials, it offers a realistic and lush foliage appearance.

The product is easy to install and highly durable, ensuring long-lasting beauty without the need for watering or pruning. With customizable options, it’s perfect for creating a serene, green oasis in any setting.


Lush Oasis: Everlasting Greenery

Our artificial ivy fence rolls and leaves fences offer a practical, stylish, and cost-effective privacy solution for gardens.

These UV-treated screens are great for concealing unsightly areas or enhancing privacy.

Available in a standard size of 1m*3m,1.5m*3m,1m*2m,with custom sizes upon request, they feature dense foliage panels built to ISO standards with outdoor fade resistance.

Durable and long-lasting, these screens are also SGS certified, ensuring top-notch construction and quality.

customizable Artificial Leaf Plant Walls

Choose from a spectrum of colors to match your unique style and decor preferences. 

Whether you’re aiming for vibrant hues to create a lively atmosphere or subtle tones for a more natural look, SKYJADE offers personalized solutions to fit your vision. 

Make any area into a captivating green haven with our tailor-made, color-customizable plant walls.

Ideal for spaces craving a touch of serenity and privacy. Define your ambiance effortlessly with this seamless green expanse.

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Key of features

  • UV-resistant
  • easy installation
  • low maintenance
  • realistic foliage
  • durable customizable
  • designs indoor and outdoor use
  • eco-friendly

Artificial Greenery Wal Display


Embrace the ease and eco-friendliness of SKYJADE’s artificial landscaping solutions.

Our range, including leaf plant walls, moss, plants, and lawns, offers a green, maintenance-free alternative to traditional landscaping.

Our products are designed to be environmentally friendly, requiring no watering or care.

We streamline your purchasing experience with convenient door-to-door pricing and efficient delivery services.

Choose SKYJADE for hassle-free, sustainable greenery that enhances any space.

Why Choose Us as Your Supplier?

One-Stop Solution for landscape decoration and greening with SKYJADE’s range of artificial landscaping products.

From vibrant artificial leaf plant walls and lush moss to lifelike plants and lawns, we provide an array of options to transform any space into a green paradise. 

Our products offer the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality, making it easy to create your dream landscape with minimal effort. 

Let SKYJADE be your partner in crafting stunning, maintenance-free green spaces.

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