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Customizable Artificial Plant Wall Frames

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Solution, Sustainable Artificial Green Walls 

Perfect fusion of nature and design

Revitalize your living or workspace with our state-of-the-art, Customizable Artificial Plant Wall Frames. 

Ideal for eco-conscious interiors, these frames merge aesthetics with sustainability. 

They are perfect for those seeking a ‘green wall’, ‘eco-friendly decor’, or ‘sustainable interior design solutions.


Key Features:

Material Variety:

Select from ‘wooden frames’, ‘PVC plant frames’, or ‘3D wall art’.

Durability and Safety:

Our frames are ‘UV-resistant’ and ‘flame-retardant’, ensuring product longevity.

Expert Design Team:

Benefit from our ‘professional interior design services’ for a bespoke experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Ideal for ‘home decor’, ‘office interiors’, and ‘outdoor green walls’.

5-Year Warranty:

A testament to our quality, offering ‘long-lasting artificial plants’.

Custom Shapes and Sizes:

‘Custom-made green walls’ to fit any space perfectly.

  • Frame Material Choices:

         Wood: A timeless choice for ‘traditional interior design’.
         PVC: ‘Modern home decor’, resistant and versatile.
        3D Frames: ‘Contemporary wall art’, adding depth to your space.

  • Plant Type Selections:

       Ferns, Mosses, and Foliage: ‘Forest-inspired wall decor’.

       Succulents and Cacti: ‘Minimalist green wall’, clean and modern.
      Colorful Flowers: ‘Vibrant wall art’, lively and bright.
      Tropical Varieties: ‘Exotic home decor’, a touch of the tropics.
      Custom Blends: ‘Personalized plant walls’, unique to your taste.

  • Customization Process:
    “Start your ‘custom green wall’ project today. Our process caters to your ‘unique interior design’ needs, offering ‘personalized home decor solutions’. Let us turn your vision into a reality.”
  • Perfect for Every Setting:
    “Our ‘eco-friendly wall frames’ are ideal for both ‘residential decor’ and ‘commercial interior design’, enhancing any space with a touch of nature.”



Artificial Plant Wall Frames Display

One-Stop Landscape Elegance:
SkyJade Bespoke Artificial Plant Wall Frames

Our world of one-stop landscape decoration, where we specialize in creating unique and captivating Artificial Plants Wall Frames. 

Our selection is not just about visual appeal but also about bringing a natural essence to your spaces. From the refreshing look of artificial moss to the lushness of artificial plants, and the vibrant colors of artificial flowers, we’ve got it all. Our hanging branches and vines are exquisitely designed to fit any space layout, and our artificial hydrangeas add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for home decor, commercial space embellishment, or special event scene setting, our Artificial Plants Wall Frames seamlessly integrate with your design concepts, realizing your vision of a beautiful living space. Our products are not only lifelike in appearance but also durable and maintenance-free.


Choosing us means gaining access to our professional design team, dedicated to crafting a unique landscape decoration plan tailored to you. Each client’s needs are unique, and thus we offer customized services to ensure every product perfectly matches your personal taste and style. 

Contact us now to start creating your ideal space. Let’s work together to build an environment that’s both beautiful and practical, bringing more of nature’s beauty to your everyday life!


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