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Premier producer and supplier, delivering integrated sports and landscaping solutions worldwide

SKYJADE: Premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Artificial Grass&Plants

Explore Our State-of-the-Art Artificial Turf Production Facility

Extensive Production Lines:

Our facility boasts 12 high-capacity extrusion lines for artificial turf fibers, ensuring a continuous output of superior quality strands.

Advanced Tufting Machines:

We operate 16 tufting machines, enabling us to craft a wide range of turf products with precision and efficiency.

Extended Curing Ovens:

Our two 70-meter long curing ovens solidify and set the turf’s backing, enhancing its durability and longevity.

Skilled Workforce:

Our production strength lies in our dedicated team of 220 skilled workers, who bring craftsmanship and attention to detail to every piece of turf we produce.

Research and Development:

Led by 15 dedicated R&D personnel, including 9 with advanced technical titles, continue to push the boundaries of artificial turf technology.

Quality Assurance:

Ensuring the highest standards of quality, our 6 dedicated quality assurance personnel oversee every aspect of production.

Our 33,000 Square Meter State-of-the-Art Turf Manufacturing

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At SKYJADE, our purpose is anchored in leveraging China’s robust supply chain to deliver unparalleled value. We specialize in the realms of sports fields, gyms, and other athletic spaces, as well as the decoration and paving of landscape surfaces and walls. 

Understanding the challenges our customers face in procuring large quantities of related materials for installation and sales, we always place ourselves in our clients’ shoes. Our continuous enhancement of supply chain efficiency and expansion of storage capacity ensure we meet their needs with the most favorable prices and minimal logistic costs.

Adapting swiftly to the evolving times, SKYJADE has significantly expanded our storage capabilities, particularly in major Chinese port areas, to swiftly and effectively fulfill our clients’ needs. 

Our warehouses are well-stocked, ready to dispatch supporting products instantly, while core products are produced on order. 

We offer a comprehensive suite of products at the most competitive wholesale prices, providing our global customers with high-quality, cost-effective, one-stop shopping solutions.

At SKYJADE, we are more than just a supplier; we are your reliable partner, committed to forging a brighter future together.

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Certifications: Our Commitment to Excellence Upheld by Industry Standards

One-Stop Solutions: Your Ultimate Partner for Comprehensive Projects

  1. HOT DIP GALVANIZEDSTEEL TUBE (HS:73066100)—–60*80*3mm square steeltube
  2. GALVANIZED STEEL MESH (HS:73143 100)—–Mesh diameter 4mmDistance 50*50mm
  3. TEMPERED GLASS (HS:70071900)—–18PCS 2*3m  12mm tempered glass
  4. ARTIFICIAL  TURF(Curved)—–3ROLLS(200m2),Height: 12mmGauge: 3/16 Dtex:9000,Color can be Blue/Green/Red/Purple,Backing: PP+fleeced+PP+PU coating
  5. LED LIGHT (HS:94054090)—–8 SETS FIoOd LED200W,Black/Grey,IP65 Water-proof
  6. BOLTS&NUTS ELASTICWASHERS(HS:73181590)—–50kgs Stainiess steel
  7. TENNIS NET WITH POLES(HS:95069900)—–1 Set
  8. RUBBER PAD(HS:39191099)—–60ROLLS

December 3, 2010

Founding Chapter: A Seed Planted in Winter

In the chill of December 2010, a seed was sown that would grow into the pioneering artificial turf company known as SKYJADE. Nestled in the heart of innovation, our company commenced with less than ten visionaries. These trailblazers juggled roles, laid foundations, and set the stage for what would become a beacon in the artificial turf industry.

December 3, 2010


Rising From The Roots: The Early Years

In an industry where every beginning is tested by time and tenacity, SKYJADE, led by the indomitable spirit of our founder Tony, weathered the storms of startup challenges. By the close of 2012, after two arduous years, we celebrated the production of our one-millionth square meter of turf, signifying our first corporate milestone and heralding a new chapter.


January 4, 2013 - December 2016

The Sprint of Growth: Accelerated Expansion

The following four years were a sprint of exponential growth. 2015 marked a milestone with sales soaring past three million square meters. Diversifying into soccer field design and installation services, we targeted the South American turf, tallying up to over 1.8 million square meters and crafting more than 100 FIFA-standard soccer fields. Our suite of services expanded, from installing EPDM rubber tracks and stadium seating to ground preparation and pipeline embedding, amassing expertise that broadened our sales and supply chain capabilities.

January 4, 2013 - December 2016


New Horizons: The Western Frontier

Our venture into the Western markets brought new challenges and opportunities. The stringent quality demands of European and American customers led to key partnerships with elite wholesalers. Innovating beyond expectations, we upgraded our grass yarn quality and PU backing processes, introduced tufting advancements, and pioneered the production of broader 4.57m (15ft) and 5m wide turfs, securing significant American football and baseball field projects.



Unity in Adversity: Pandemic Response

The COVID-19 pandemic tested our resolve. SKYJADE rose to the occasion, supplying vital PPE—including masks, goggles, and protective suits—to those in dire need. Our generosity extended to hospitals, with high-quality 3M masks, earning heartfelt thanks from across the globe.



Reinventing Ourselves: A Time of Transformation

The economic downturn prompted a pivotal period of transformation. These were testing times, compelling us to look inward and re-strategize. We took this as an opportunity for growth, enhancing our core competencies and emerging stronger. In 2023, we launched into cross-border e-commerce, infusing our traditional trade wisdom with our robust sports and landscaping supply chains to develop on various platforms, fostering a dual B2B and B2C business model.



A Green Future Envisioned

Our quest is to leverage China’s formidable supply chain to forge unmatched value. We focus on sports venues, gyms, and landscape decor, with an ever-evolving product range. We navigate the complexities of large-scale procurement and installation, streamlining supply chains and amplifying warehouse capacities, delivering cost-efficiency at every step.



A Partner on the Journey Ahead

SKYJADE envisions a legacy that transcends the production of synthetic turf and plants. We aim to be remembered as the all-encompassing solution provider for our clients’ needs. Our corporate culture, anchored in efficiency, unity, learning, adaptability, and innovation, drives us forward. As we continue our journey, we are not just suppliers; we are partners forging a verdant and prosperous path into the future.

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Our Vision is make the procurement cycle faster and easier

At SKYJADE, our vision extends far beyond just manufacturing and selling premium artificial turf and plants.

We are committed to offering our clients a comprehensive, optimal suite of products and services.

We understand that our clients’ needs go well beyond a single product or solution.

Thus, we focus on enabling our clients to concentrate their main efforts on procuring key products, while our dedicated team in China efficiently prepares and readily stocks all supplementary items as needed.

This approach not only shortens the procurement cycle and delivery times for our clients but also significantly enhances the utilization efficiency of containers.


At SKYJADE, our corporate culture is the cornerstone of our success.

We embrace a principle of high efficiency, delivering comprehensive, integrated services that streamline our clients’ procurement processes, saving them both time and cycles. Our aim is to not just meet client demands but to lead the industry in efficiency and client care.

Unity is our strength. At SKYJADE, each team member is dedicated to our common goals, working in unison towards shared successes.

We believe that it’s only through this collaborative spirit that true value and achievements can be realized.

Learning and adapting are the engines of our progress. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, we encourage our team to stay abreast of new knowledge and skills, continuously adapting to market and platform changes.

Innovation is woven into our daily ethos.

Whether in management processes or everyday collaboration, we are committed to leveraging automated office technologies and efficiency-enhancing tools.

At SKYJADE, we constantly explore and implement innovative ideas to ensure we remain at the forefront of a highly competitive market.


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