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Sports Interlocking Sports Flooring

Versatile, Durable Athletic Flooring

SkyJade Interlocking Sports Flooring

SkyJade Sports presents a cutting-edge multi-sport court tiles system, designed for the ultimate versatility and durability. Our eco-friendly interlocking tiles are the perfect solution for a variety of sports courts, offering easy installation and a plethora of color options to suit your specific needs, merging superior performance with aesthetic appeal.

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Product Specifications

Material: High-grade Polypropylene (PP) for sustainable athletic flooring
Installation: Quick and simple with our easy-installation floor system, no adhesives required
Maintenance: Weather-resistant floor tiles that are simple to clean, boasting a low maintenance cost
Warranty: Options ranging from 1 to 5 years for lasting durability
Certification: Compliant with CE, SGS standards for safety sports flooring

Models and Dimensions:
1. SK2509ZT-BI: 250x250x9mm | 1-year warranty | High-performance flooring 
2. SK2509ZT-BI: 250x250x11mm | 3-year warranty | Durable athletic flooring
3. SK34014.8ZT-KUI: 340x340x14.8mm | 3-year warranty | Multi-sport court tiles 
4. SK30513ZT-TU: 305x305x13mm | 3-year warranty | Customizable sports court 
5. SK30513ZT-DOU: 305x305x13mm | 4-year warranty | Low-maintenance interlocking system
6. SK25013ZT-NV: 250x250x13mm | 3-year warranty | Versatile court tiles 
7. SK30516ZT-YI: 305x305x16mm | 5-year warranty | Eco-friendly interlocking tiles

Key Features:

Multi-Sport Functionality: Precisely marked for basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more.

High Durability: Engineered for heavy use and all-weather conditions with a floating floor tiles design.

Customizable Colors: Tailor your sports court to your brand or personal taste.

Comfort & Safety: Anti-slip design with UV protection for a safe sports environment.

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Quick Assembly: Our easy-installation floor system is quick to install and dismantle, requiring no professional assistance.

Longevity: Our durable athletic flooring is built to last, backed by up to a 5-year warranty.

Performance: The high-performance flooring offers superior skid resistance for safety.

Eco-Friendly: Made from sustainable materials that require minimal upkeep.

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