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Colorful EPDM Granules

  • High-Quality EPDM Rubber Granules
  • Athletic Track Construction Materials
  • Pantone Matched EPDM Sports Granules
  • One-Stop Sports Stadium Solutions

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SkyJade Advanced Materials – EPDM & TPE Granules for Sports Surfaces-EPDM Granules Supplier

EPDM Granules
– Standard Colors: Offering a selection of 24 vibrant standard colors with custom color matching available as per the Pantone color chart.
– Sizes: Available in diameters of 1-3 mm and 2-4 mm to suit various application requirements.
– Packaging: Supplied in convenient 25 kg bags for ease of handling and installation.
– Popular Colors: Red and green granules are in regular demand for their conventional use in sports tracks and play areas.

Installation Materials
– Single Component Glue: A high-quality adhesive essential for the durable bonding of EPDM granules during track installation.
– Color Paste: High-grade pigment paste for achieving the perfect color consistency throughout the sports surface.

TPE Granules
– A versatile alternative to EPDM, TPE granules provide exceptional durability and are suitable for various applications where flexibility and performance are crucial.

Track Laying Equipment
– Paver Machine: Ensures an even distribution of granules for a smooth, level finish.
– Line Marking Machine: For precise and enduring line markings on your sports tracks.
– Mixer: Homogeneously combines granules with adhesive and colorant for a consistent mix.
– Roller: Compacts the surface for optimal density and stability.

SkyJade’s One-Stop Solution for Sports Facilities
-Certified Excellence: SkyJade is certified in the construction of standardized sports stadiums, ensuring top-tier quality and compliance with international standards.
Comprehensive Capability: We offer end-to-end solutions from procurement to installation for sports tracks and football fields, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and expertise.

SkyJade is dedicated to delivering high-quality materials and services that meet the demanding needs of sports facility construction.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that your sports surfaces are not only visually striking but also provide the performance and longevity required by athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

High-Quality EPDM Rubber Granules/TPE Granules for Sports Surfaces/Athletic Track Construction Materials
Sports Surface Installation Equipment/Polyurethane Adhesive for Athletic Tracks/Custom Color EPDM Granules
Pantone Matched EPDM Sports Granules/Sports Facility Construction Services/One-Stop Sports Stadium Solutions
Certified Sports Surface Contractors/Professional Athletic Track Equipment/EPDM & TPE Mixers and Pavers
Eco-Friendly Sports Granules/Full-Service Sports Field Installation/Turnkey Sports Facility Design and Build
Synthetic Rubber Granules for Playgrounds/Multipurpose Sports Surface Materials

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