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  • 50mm,16000dtex,10080density,SBR or PU backing
  • Advanced Yarn Technology, double S-shaped yarn
  • Versatile Installation
  • Certified Quality,meets global standards for sports performance

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Introducing the Tewtw-Shen, meticulously designed to meet the exacting demands of modern football fields.

With its advanced specifications and certifications, the Tewtw-Shen sets a new standard for durability, performance, and environmental compliance in the synthetic turf industry.

Product Specifications:
– Height: The Tewtw-Shen boasts a 50mm height, providing the optimal length for a natural grass-like feel and performance, enhancing the overall game experience.

– Dtex: A high dtex of 16,000 ensures the turf’s fibers are both dense and resilient, capable of withstanding extensive use while maintaining its structural integrity.

– Density: With a density of 10,080, this turf offers a tightly woven surface that replicates the lushness and responsive nature of natural turf.

– Backing Options: Available with either SBR or PU backing, allowing for a customized approach to match the installation environment. SBR backing is known for its durability and shock absorption, while PU backing offers superior longevity and resistance to environmental factors.

– Yarn Shape: The unique double S-shape of the yarn fibers enhances the turf’s resilience and helps maintain an upright position, contributing to a consistent playing surface.

– Warranty: Comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in the Tewtw-Shen’s long-term performance and durability.

– Certifications: This product is backed by an extensive list of certifications, including SGS, CE, LABOSPORT, ISA Sport, INTERTEK, TUV Rheinland, RoHS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and REACH, ensuring it meets the highest standards for quality, safety, and environmental care.

– UV Resistance: Engineered for superior UV resistance, the Tewtw-Shen maintains its color and integrity even under prolonged exposure to sunlight.


Key Features:

– Advanced Yarn Technology: The double S-shaped yarn not only mimics the natural grass blade but also ensures durability and a consistent playability over time.

– Versatile Installation: With over 500 football fields already benefiting from its advanced features, the Tewtw-Shen is proven to perform under various conditions and usage levels.

– Eco-Friendly: Our commitment to the environment is evident in the Tewtw-Shen’s compliance with the most stringent environmental certifications, offering a sustainable option for football facilities worldwide.

– Certified Quality: The extensive list of certifications guarantees that the Tewtw-Shen meets global standards for sports performance, safety, and environmental responsibility.

The Tewtw-Shen  Football Grass is not just a choice; it’s a statement towards embracing high-quality, sustainable sports infrastructure.

Designed for clubs, schools, and professional stadiums looking for a premium playing surface, the Tewtw-Shen offers an unmatched combination of performance, durability, and eco-friendliness, setting your field apart from the rest.

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