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SkyJade Artificial Golf Turf Overview

SkyJade’s Artificial Golf Grass is meticulously designed to replicate the pristine conditions of a natural golf course. The turf combines Field Green and Olive Green hues to create a realistic and visually appealing golfing surface. Made with Texturized PE yarn in a curled design, this turf ensures smooth and consistent ball roll, essential for accurate golfing. The dense, 15mm pile height provides the ideal surface for golf courses, offering durability and a consistent playing experience.

Product Specifications:

Pile Height: 15mm, perfect for golfing surfaces.
Dtex:7000, providing a resilient and durable yarn.
Density: 67200, offering a densely packed surface for a realistic feel.
Gauge: 3/16, ensuring the right spacing for optimal turf performance.
Color: A mix of Field Green and Olive Green for a natural look.
Yarn Material: Texturized PE for a high-quality finish.
Primary Backing Material: 60g grid cloth for a strong base.
Secondary Coating Material: 125g PP non-woven fabric for additional strength.
Drainage Holes: 80 to 120 per square meter for efficient water drainage.
Roll Width: Available in 2m, 4m, and 5m to suit various course sizes.
Warranty: 7-year guarantee for long-term use.
Applications: Specifically designed for golf courses.
Grass Blade Type: Curled yarn ensures a smooth and even golfing surface.
Certifications: SGS, CE, LISPORTS, LABOSPORTS, ensuring quality and safety standards.

SkyJade’s Artificial Golf Turf is engineered for precision and performance, ensuring golfers enjoy a world-class experience. The turf’s design and structure guarantee that the roll and bounce of the golf ball meet professional standards, making it a top choice for golf course installations.

SkyJade’s Comprehensive Golf Products Range

Wide Selection of Golf Accessories:
We offer essential golfing equipment such as high-quality golf hole cups and durable golf flags and poles.
Our range also includes stylish and functional golf bags tailored to the needs of every golfer.

Golf Balls and Customization Options:
Discover our selection of performance-engineered golf balls, designed for optimal playability.
We provide customizable golf hitting mats, allowing for a personalized training experience.

One-Stop Shopping Convenience:
At SkyJade, we understand the importance of convenience and cost-efficiency. Our one-stop shopping solution ensures that you can find all your golfing necessities in one place, saving time and reducing costs. Whether you’re outfitting a professional training facility or enhancing your personal golfing gear, our product range is designed to meet and exceed your expectations, ensuring quality and satisfaction in every purchase.

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