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  • No Infill Needed: This artificial turf eliminates the need for any infill materials like rubber granules or quartz sand,
  • Significantly reducing maintenance costs and offering eco-friendly, easy-to-clean advantages.
  • Long-Term Durability: Guaranteed for up to ten years, ensuring long-lasting quality and endurance.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for quick and straightforward installation, saving time and labor costs.

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Our Non-Infill Football Artificial Grass offers a unique combination of durability, performance, and realistic feel, making it a top choice for football fields.

Key Features and Product Specifications:
– Grass Height: At 30mm, this turf provides an optimal balance between comfort and natural appearance.
– Fiber Quality: The high 16,500 dtex fiber ensures the grass blades are resilient, maintaining their shape even under heavy usage.
– Density: With a density of 18,900, the turf offers a lush, full appearance. Customization for higher density is available to meet specific needs.
– Backing Material: The base is made of a sturdy 210g PP + SBR combination, providing excellent stability. For those who prefer, there is an option to customize with a PU backing.
– High Strength Test: This product has undergone rigorous strength testing and fully meets FIFA field testing standards, ensuring its suitability for professional-level play.

Unique Aspect:
– The distinct curved weaving style of the grass mimics a spring-like shape. This design ensures the blades stand upright and firm, while also offering authentic tactile feedback to players, mirroring the feel of natural grass.

Overall, this Non-Infill Football Artificial Grass is an innovative solution, combining high-quality materials and advanced design to deliver an exceptional playing experience, meeting professional standards, and requiring minimal maintenance.

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