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  • Advanced Fiber Technology,ideal for intense volleyball action
  • Customization Flexibility,From color choices to specific court dimensions
  • Low Maintenance Advantage,free from mowing and watering
  • Weather-Resistant Quality,ensuring your court is always game-ready
  • Safety First Design,Our grass is crafted to reduce the risk of injuries, providing a safer environment for all levels of play.

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Elite Outdoor Artificial Volleyball Grass – Elevate Your Game

The ultimate playing experience with our Elite Outdoor Artificial Volleyball Grass. Specially designed for both recreational and competitive volleyball, our synthetic grass courts provide exceptional performance, durability, and player safety.

Transform your outdoor volleyball facilities with a surface that blends professional quality with sustainable innovation.

Product Specifications:
– Height: 10mm–12mm Optimal for volleyball, ensuring comfortable footing and consistent ball response.
– Dtex Range: 6600 to 9000 – Crafted for exceptional resilience and longevity.
– Density: 65000 stitches/sqm – Delivers a lush, uniform playing surface.
– Gauge: 3/16 inch – Carefully selected for optimal volleyball play.
– Color Options: Vibrant Green, Sand Yellow, Custom Colors on request.
– Backing Material: Reinforced PP Composite – For superior stability and extended durability.
– Fiber Types: High-grade PE (enhanced softness, natural feel) and durable PP options.
– Integrated Line Markings: Precision in-built markings for accurate gameplay.
– Warranty: 7-Year Quality Assurance – Reflecting our commitment to excellence.
– Application: Ideal for Outdoor Volleyball Courts, both Professional and Recreational.
– Eco-Friendly: Produced with eco-conscious materials, emphasizing our environmental commitment.
– Infill Option: Performance-enhancing sand infill, specifically designed for volleyball dynamics.

Key Features:
1. Advanced Fiber Technology: Our combination of PE and PP fibers provides a surface that’s both player-friendly and incredibly durable, ideal for intense volleyball action.
2. Customization Flexibility: From color choices to specific court dimensions, tailor your court to meet your exact needs and preferences.
3. Low Maintenance Advantage: Enjoy a pristine playing surface all year round with minimal upkeep, free from mowing and watering.
4. Weather-Resistant Quality: Designed to withstand diverse outdoor conditions, ensuring your court is always game-ready.
5. Safety First Design: Our grass is crafted to reduce the risk of injuries, providing a safer environment for all levels of play.

Our volleyball grass surfaces meet rigorous industry standards, certified for quality and safety.

We comply with environmental regulations, ensuring a product that’s as responsible as it is robust.

Comprehensive Volleyball Court Solutions:
Beyond top-tier artificial grass, we provide a full array of volleyball court essentials – including robust net systems, durable boundary markers, and comfortable seating options for players and spectators.

Our all-in-one solution addresses every aspect of volleyball court construction and outfitting, simplifying your project from start to finish.

Our Elite Outdoor Artificial Volleyball Grass is more than a playing surface; it’s a foundation for unforgettable volleyball experiences.

Suitable for schools, clubs, or private facilities, our courts are built to inspire and endure. Join us in redefining outdoor volleyball.

Contact Us:
To explore how we can transform your volleyball court, reach out to us.

Our dedicated team is eager to assist you in crafting a world-class volleyball facility.



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