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  • High Durability:DTEX 9000 for long-lasting strength.
  • Professional Design: 50mm pile height tailored for football/soccer.
  • Advanced Materials: S Monofilament PE for realistic play.
  • Superior Drainage: 60L/min/m² water permeability for all-weather use.
  • UV Resistant: Over 5000 hours of UV stability to prevent fading.

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SkyJade Artificial Football Turf: Premium Quality for Professional Play

Main Application: Designed for football and soccer fields that demand high-performance surfaces.

Color Palette:
Field Green and Lime Green shades for a vibrant, natural-looking pitch.

Fiber Characteristics:
DTEX: Robust 9000 denier for exceptional turf strength.
Structure:Resilient S Monofilament PE to withstand intense play.
Yarn Dimensions: 1.2um width and 230um thickness for superior turf density.
Pile Height: Optimal 50mm for professional-level gameplay.
Pile Weight: 875 g/m², ensuring a plush and cushioned feel underfoot.

Product Specifications:
Extrusion Production: For a consistently high-quality turf.
Gauge: Precisely 5/8” for the perfect balance of comfort and durability.
Stitching: 140 stitches per meter and 8820 per m² for a tightly woven grass.
Total Weight:A substantial 2175g per m² to support rigorous sports activity.

Backing Details:
Primary Backing: Durable PP in black, weighing 125g, forming the turf’s stable base.
Secondary Backing: Robust NET compound base, weight 60g, adding an extra layer of resilience.

Performance Testing Results:
Color Fastness: Superior grade ≥3 Gray scale, ensuring the color stays true over time.
Tuft Bind:A strong ≥45 Newton bind that keeps each blade firmly in place.
UV Stability: Exceeds 5000 hours, preventing fading from sun exposure.
Water Permeability: Excellent drainage at 60L/min/m², maintaining playability in wet conditions.

Manufactured Rolls:
Width Options: Flexible roll widths of 2m, 4m, or 5m to fit diverse field dimensions.
Roll Length:Tailored to the installation schedule for seamless application.

Infill System:
Sand Infill: 80% rounded washed silica sand, particle size 0.2-1.0mm, at 27-28kg/m², provides stability.
Rubber Infill: Choose between recycled rubber granules or EPDm rubber, particle size 0.5-2.0mm, at 7-8kg/m², for shock absorption.

SkyJade’s Artificial Football Turf is the pinnacle of turf technology, offering unparalleled durability, aesthetic appeal, and player comfort. Whether you’re hosting local games or international tournaments, our turf is designed to meet the rigorous standards of professional football.

One-Stop Football Field Installation Services

Comprehensive Solutions:
At SkyJade, we specialize in providing complete installation packages for cage football, futsal, 7-a-side, and 11-a-side pitches.

Supplementary Materials:
Our services include:
Advanced lighting systems for night matches.
A variety of spectator seating, from standard to VIP padded seats.
Coaches and players’ shelters for team comfort.

Field Enclosures:
– Durable 4mm to 5mm green perimeter netting.
– Sturdy 10cm aperture nylon netting for field enclosures.

Installation Essentials:
Light poles tailored to field requirements.
High-quality adhesives and seam tape for turf laying.
10mm and 20mm shock pads for player safety.
Rubber granules for field infill.

Tools and Machinery:
We also provide all necessary installation tools and machinery to ensure a smooth setup process.

Choosing SkyJade allows for significant savings on procurement and transportation, streamlining your project.

Customer Support:
Explore our range of products and services at your convenience. For personalized assistance, contact us anytime. We commit to delivering tailored blueprints and a comprehensive field proposal within 24 hours, meeting your specific field requirements.

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