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1. Customizable Turf: Available in various colors, with grass heights of 12mm or 15mm

2. Quality Glass Surround:  2m x 3m in size, 12mm thick

3. Durable Structure: Hot-dip galvanized steel poles and fencing, coated for aesthetics and endurance

4. Advanced Lighting: 8 sets of 200W LED luminaires, providing 300 Lux illumination, with IP65 waterproof rating.

5. Robust Accessories: All fixtures and fittings made from 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.

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SkyJade Padel Court: Customized for Optimal Play

Artificial Grass for Padel Court
Customization: Choice of blue, red, green, and other colors for personalized court design.
Grass Height: Options of 12mm or 15mm, compliant with GB/T 20394 standards, ensuring the best playing surface.

Court Surrounding Glass
Brand: Yaohua Glass, known for quality and durability.
Dimensions: Each panel is 2 meters x 3 meters, with a total of 18 panels.
Thickness: 12mm, meeting GB15763.2 standards.
Certifications: Equipped with CCC and CE certifications, guaranteeing safety and quality.

Poles and Fence
Materials: Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, size: 100mmx100mmx3mm, providing robust support.
Mesh Wire: 4mm in diameter, with 50mmx50mm mesh holes.
Safety: Mesh wire includes protective ends to prevent injuries and snags.
Coating: Electrostatic powder coating on all pipes for a smooth, durable, and aesthetically pleasing finish.
Standards: Conforms to GB15065-94 and IE60502, with 0% water absorption rate.Lighting System**

LED Luminaires:

8 sets of 200W each, with an IP65 waterproof rating.

Pole Height: 6000mm, integrated within the fence.
Illumination: Provides 300 Lux, ensuring clear visibility for evening play.

Materials: All accessories and bolts are made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring longevity and maintaining appearance.
Design: The technical and aesthetic design of the accessories complements the court’s overall look.

SkyJade’s Padel Court provides a comprehensive, customizable solution for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a top-quality playing experience. Our focus on details, from the playing surface to the fencing and lighting, ensures a premium and safe environment for Padel sports.


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