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Football Field One-stop Solution

  1. SKYJADE offers a comprehensive range of high-quality sports field equipment and installation machinery.
  2. From synthetic turf to stadium seating and LED lighting, we provide everything needed for a top-tier sports facility.
  3. Our one-stop solution includes custom design and budgeting services tailored to your specific needs.
  4. Leverage our 11 years of supply chain expertise for cost-effective procurement without compromising on quality.
  5. Contact us to receive detailed product information and access our extensive product catalog for your next project.

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Elite Series Synthetic Infill Football Turf
Durability Meets Performance

Unmatched Durability:

Our turf is not just about aesthetics; it’s built to last. We offer an impressive warranty with a lifespan of 7, 9, or 12 years, ensuring your investment is protected and your playing surface remains top-notch for years to come.

Optimal Playability:

Choose from a range of fiber heights (40mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm) tailored to your game’s demands, with Dtex options from 7000 to 17000 providing the perfect balance between softness and strength.

Superior Density & Gauge:

Experience a lush, dense playing field with stitch counts ranging from 8820 to 11340 per square meter and precise gauge options of 5/8 or 3/4 inch, ensuring exceptional playability and infill stability.

Robust Backing:

Select from SBR or PU backing for unparalleled endurance and dimensional stability, maintaining the integrity of your turf through the rigors of the game.

Advanced Pile Construction:

Available in straight and ‘Z’ type piles, our turf accommodates all play styles, offering superior resilience and natural ball behavior.

Comprehensive Safety and Eco-Friendly Standards:

Certified for safety with excellent shock absorption to minimize injury risks and eco-friendly infill options to safeguard our environment.

Weather and UV Resistant:

Our series is designed to endure, withstanding diverse weather conditions and featuring UV stabilization to prevent fading.


Explore Our Turf Options

grass yarn1 81
PVC flooring adhesive

Specialized Turf Adhesives

Exclusively for synthetic grass applications. Choose between our single-component and two-component glues to best suit your project's needs. Available in transparent and green options to seamlessly blend with your turf, our adhesives come in convenient packaging—15 kg for the single-component and 10 kg sets (A+B) for the two-component system.
We provide personalized quantity calculations based on your specific field dimensions, guaranteeing optimal coverage and securing your turf with precision and strength.

Stadium Netting 4

Galvanized Sports Fencing

Featuring a durable, dual protection of full plastic coating and galvanization, our fences are designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting security. The posts have a diameter of 75mm with a wall thickness of 2.5mm, ensuring robust support, while the mesh size is precisely 50x50mm with wire diameters available in 3.8mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, and 5.0mm options. Not only is our fencing built to last and waterproof, but it also offers customization in color to match your facility's theme or preference.

Playground panel light 3

Advanced LED Lighting Systems for Sports Fields

Includes power options from 200w to 2000w, each featuring a waterproof rating of IP65 to withstand any weather conditions. With light temperatures ranging from 4000K to 6000K, our LEDs offer a natural daylight experience, enhancing visibility for both players and spectators. Available pole heights span from 7 meters to 26 meters, with telescopic options for tailored lighting angles. We adhere to FIFA's lux standards, ensuring your field meets international specifications for brightness and a customized lighting plan based on your field's size.

white seam tape

Seaming Tape for Artificial Turf

Available in black and white to suit various installation needs. The black tape, weighing 125g per square meter, is designed for use with single-component adhesive, while the white tape, at a denser 150g per square meter, pairs perfectly with two-component adhesive. Opt for widths of 20cm or 30cm to match your project specifications, and lengths of 200m and 500m, with custom options available upon request.seamless integration between artificial turf rolls with our premium seaming tape.

TPE (3)

Premium Infill Granules

Our top-quality selection of infill granules to elevate the performance and safety of your synthetic turf. Our range includes cost-effective SBR black granules, durable EPDM granules, and eco-friendly TPE granules. Each option is designed to provide optimal shock absorption, improve playability, and ensure long-lasting turf integrity. Tailor your turf to match your specific athletic requirements and environmental preferences with our versatile infill solutions.

减震垫 (4)(1)

Shock Pad For Synthetic Turf:

Our underlay enhances the elasticity of the playing surface, providing superior comfort and reducing the risk of injuries. Available in densities of 30kg/cbm, 50kg/cbm, and 70kg/cbm to meet diverse requirements, our standard production size is 1.52m by 50m per roll, with customizable lengths to fit your specific project. Crafted for excellence, our underlay features integrated drainage channels with horizontal lines for efficient water evacuation. Choose from thickness options of 10mm, 20mm, and 12mm.

1 (2)

Player and Coach Shelters

Our shelters are the epitome of durability and convenience. The frame is constructed from 25x37mm stainless steel tubes, welded to ensure stability and longevity. For protection against the elements, the roof is covered with a PC polycarbonate sheet, offering excellent resistance to rain and UV rays. The base is made from thickened galvanized tubes, welded for extra strength, and equipped with wheels for easy mobility. Seating is crafted from hollow blow-molded plastic, known for its durability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for outdoor sports environments. Available in a variety of seating capacities to accommodate different team sizes: 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 seats. Choose from dimensions of 400/300/150/100 x 100 x 200 cm to fit your specific space requirements. For an added touch of luxury, we also offer VIP padded seats, ensuring comfort without compromising on quality or performance.

Ordinary seat

Stadium Seating

Built on a sturdy metal framework, our seats come in a vibrant palette of colors including red, blue, green, and yellow, with customizable options to match your team or brand. our diverse seating options to cater to every fan's comfort. Our metal-frame seats are available without backrests (360x360mm, H400mm), with low (410x390mm, H180mm), medium (480x390mm, H320mm), and high backrests (510x390mm, H400mm), all featuring high-density polyethylene construction in a variety of vibrant colors. Seat heights range from 70mm to 85mm, ensuring optimal viewing for all spectators.Cater to all preferences with our variety of designs featuring no backrest, low backrest, medium backrest, and high backrest options. Made from high-density polyethylene, these seats promise durability and easy maintenance.


Precision-Engineered Football Goals

Cater to players of all ages with our versatile range of football goals, suitable for children's games and full-scale adult matches alike. Available for 3/4-a-side kids' teams to 5/7/11-a-side standard play, our goals come in various diameters including 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, and 114mm. Choose between durable steel or lightweight aluminum alloy, each complemented by high-quality polyethylene nets for resilience and performance. Dimensions are tailored to the game format: 5-a-side goals measure 3m x 1.2m x 2m, 7-a-side at 5m x 1.5m x 2m, and 11-a-side goals meet official dimensions at 7.32m x 2m x 2.44m. All welding joints are electrostatically treated to ensure maximum strength and longevity.

stadium scoreboard

Precision-Engineered Football Goals

Size: Diameter less than 1000mm, Height 670mm, Base 75mm Packing Size: 6 boxes; Size: 85*160mm Weight: 17KG Rated Voltage: 110V/220V Power: 24W Brightness: Bright (around 4000MCD) Service Life: Around 100,000 hours Battery Life: 60 hours Remote Control: RF remote control (effective distance 50 meters) LED Color Change: Available Operating Temperature: -15°C ~ 45°C Waterproof Grade: IP65 (dust-tight and protected against water jets) Installation Instructions: With professional installation instructions, 18 languages available Features: Support timing function, fixed color function, cycle function.

Soccer Training Kit

Unlock the full potential of your team with our comprehensive Soccer Training Kit, designed to tackle all aspects of the game. This all-in-one package includes agile training poles, versatile training discs, high-visibility cone markers, adjustable hurdle bars, and practice rings. Each piece is engineered for durability and crafted to meet the rigorous demands of daily practice. Whether it’s dribbling, speed, accuracy, or agility, our training equipment is the perfect companion for coaches and players aiming to achieve peak performance on the pitch. Embrace the challenge and transform your training sessions with the essential gear for soccer excellence.

9 artificial grass installation tools(1)

Precision Turf Tools

  • Line Cutter: Used for cutting variable widths of straight lines in artificial lawn.
  • Circle Cutter: A tool for circular cuttings in artificial lawn.
  • Turf Fix: Turf clutch for fixing the joints of artificial grass strips while gluing.
  • Turf Grip: Gripping tongs for a fast and easy alignment of artificial grass.
  • Glue Fix: Glue applicator for glue coating of seam tape for artificial grass.
  • Edge Trimmer: For trimming of artificial grass strips.
  • Grass Cutter: For proper cutting alongside existing track seams of artificial lawn.
  • Seam Fix: Pressure tool for the solidified connection of the seams of artificial grass and glue-coated seam tape.
  • Floor Text: Measuring tool for synthetic sports surfaces and filled artificial grass surfaces range 0-50mm.
  • These essential tools streamline the installation process, ensuring precision and ease for constructing and maintaining top-quality artificial sporting surfaces.

Advanced Turf Installation Machinery

Automated Brush and Infill Machine: Revolutionize your turf installation with this fully automatic machine that expertly brushes and evenly distributes sand across the surface.

Power Brushing Machines: Available in both electric and gasoline-powered models, these robust machines ensure your turf is perfectly groomed for optimal playability.

Turf Carrier: Maneuver large rolls of artificial grass with ease using our specialized turf carrying equipment, designed to minimize labor and enhance installation efficiency.

Manual Infill Machine: For precise control over infill application, our manual sand spreader delivers consistent coverage, essential for a high-quality finish.

Handheld Brushing Device:** Perfect for touch-ups and smaller areas, this device allows for meticulous control to maintain turf fibers’ upright position and evenness.

Push Brush Machine: Combine the effectiveness of a powered brush with the simplicity of manual operation, ideal for ensuring seamless integration of infill material.

SKYJADE: One-Stop Solution for Football and Sports Field

Elevate your sports facility with SKYJADE, where we provide a comprehensive one-stop shopping solution for all your football and sports field needs. With over a decade of experience in streamlining the supply chain, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective products paired with exceptional after-sales service.

From the grassroots to the final whistle, our offerings cater to every aspect of sports field development and maintenance, ensuring that our clients have access to the best on the market. Enhance your search visibility with key terms like ‘sports facility equipment’, ‘artificial turf installation’, and ‘sports field accessories’ to find our unmatched range of products:

– Synthetic Infill Football Turf: Designed for different play levels, with varied fiber heights and densities.
– Stadium Seating: Customizable for comfort, available in a spectrum of colors and designs.
– LED Lighting Systems: Energy-efficient with diverse wattage options, adhering to FIFA standards.
– Galvanized Fencing: Durable, with customizable color options for aesthetic and functional needs.
– Seaming Tape & Shock-absorbing Underlays: Essential for turf installation, enhancing safety and playability.
– Football Goals: Catering to all formats from children’s play to professional matches.
– Soccer Training Kit: Complete kits including poles, discs, cones, hurdles, and rings.
– Turf Installation Machinery: Automated and manual options for brush and infill, turf carrying, and precision cutting.
– Turf Installation Tools: Line cutters, circle cutters, turf grips, glue fix applicators, edge trimmers, and more for perfect turf finishes.

By partnering with SKYJADE, rest assured that every phase of your project, from design and procurement to installation and maintenance, is in expert hands. We bring the game to you, ensuring that your sports facility is nothing short of legendary.


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