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Traditional Infilling and Combing Machine

The artificial turf brushing machine is designed for maintaining lush green lawns. This efficient tool effortlessly sweeps and infills sand, ensuring your synthetic turf’s pristine and natural appearance.

Enhance your artificial grass’s longevity and aesthetic appeal with our top-tier brushing equipment.

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General parameter
Model: CSSCJ-D
Size/mm: 2760×1900×1930 (LWH)
Capacity of charging spout: 650/L
Empty weight: 1250kg
Loading weight: 1000kg
Wheel base: 1500mm
Wheel tread: 1225/mm
Ground clearance: 140/mm
Minimum turning radius: 4000/mm

Motor Primary Technical Specifications
Model: ZS1100B
Type: horizontal engine, four stroke, water-cooled, engine
Rating power: 12.13kw(16HP)
Rating revs: 2200rpm

Actuating system
Clutch: single disc, Dry friction, and usual coalescent type
Mission accelerator: gear type, high speed and low speed, 3 forward shift, a reverse gear
Drive shaft: tubular, Hotchkiss type drive
Final transmission: spiral angular wheel
Final transmission ratio: 6.833
Differential gear: angular wheel type
Half shaft: semi-floating axle
Arrester: drum brake, mechanical handling

Running and Steering Systems
Chassis tructure: channel steel jointing
Front axle: drive axle
Rear axle: steering axle
Tire size: 195/60×R14
Tire pressure: 0.250/MPa
Rear wheel positioning: Toe-in/mm 5-7, Kingpin inclination 6°, Wheel rake 1°
Steering gear type Wheel rake
Steering gear ratio: 18.15/middle

Hydraulic system
Model of the gear pump: CBN-E310
Model of the control valve: ZS1-L10E-TW-20, 34SM-L10H-W
Model of the overflow valve: YF-L10H2
Model of the throttling valve: MG8
Mode of the cylinder: HSG32/20×150—a single back ear
Hydraulic motor: BMR125—standard type
Hydraulic system pressure: 16MPa

Electrical system
Earthed pole: negative earth
System voltage: 12V
Mode of the battery: 6-QW-100HD 12N RC 195min. CCA 680A(BCI)
Mode of the generator: 2JF11A-14V/500W
Mode of the regulator: JET14ST-14V/1500W
Mode of the starter: QD1315C-12V/308kw

Major Filling-up Capacity
Fuel tank: 16L
Engine tank capacity: 18L
Engine lubricating system: 3.6L
Oil pan for the air cleaner: 0.2L
Speed change box: 1.2L
Drive axle: 0.3L
Hydraulic tank: 85L

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