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Paving Machine

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  1. Paving width:2500mm
  2. Moving velocity:0.8-6m/min
  3. Paving capacity:100-400M²/H
  4. Power:8kw
  5. Weight:850kg
  6. Size: Length—1800mm  Width—-3000mm  Height—720mm

Machine Character:

  1. Machine framework: “工” type steel welding structure which should be solid and with anti-rust paint, also can work well in the terrible working conditions.
  2. Front squeegee: Steel-welding structure, the ground clearance can be adjusted by the temper screw manually so that the paving thickness can be adjusted accordingly. With upper limitation platethe width can also be adjusted.
  3. Driving device: drive mainly use pedrail chain transmission that is driven by motor. It also adopts infinite speed variation converter, which is stable and precise, which can move forward and backward, also it can make Arch Shape movement. Different pedrial surfaces are used to different bases.
  4. Walking device: when the paving machine needs to be moved or transferred, one set of walking device should be adopted. Hydraulic oil cylinder can help to realize free lifting and manual movement.
  5. Striking plate: striking plate has 4 kinds of functions: adjusting height, adjusting angles, adjusting temperature and vibration. Plastic and rubber grounding material is flattened through striking plate after being vibrated, pressed and ironed.


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