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  • Luxurious Look and Feel
  • Premium Quality and Durability
  • Safety and Environmental Commitment

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SkyJade High-Density Artificial Landscape Grass: The Ultimate Choice for Scenic Greenery**

Luxurious Look and Feel:
SkyJade’s Artificial Landscape Grass is crafted to perfection, providing an ultra-realistic and lush aesthetic for any setting. The soft, high-density turf adds a touch of luxury to your landscape design, making it an ideal choice for creating serene garden spaces or enhancing commercial properties.

Premium Quality and Durability:
– Pile Height: At a generous 44mm, the blades offer a natural underfoot feel.
– Dtex: A robust 9000 Dtex rating ensures the fibers’ strength and durability.
– Density: Boasting 21000 stitches per square meter, the grass displays a rich, full appearance.
– Gauge: The precise 3/8 gauge maintains the perfect balance between lushness and space, allowing for natural movement.
– Color Options: Available in two natural shades to suit varied design preferences.
– Yarn Material: The Monofilament PE fibers are shaped into a resilient U-form, delivering both softness and durability.
– Backing: A strong 60g grid cloth primary backing with a 125g PP non-woven secondary coating ensures the turf stays intact.
– Drainage: Designed with 80 to 120 drainage holes per square meter to prevent water accumulation.

Size and Warranty:
Roll Widths: Conveniently available in 2m and 4m widths to suit various project sizes.
Warranty: Confidence in our product is backed by a 7-year warranty.

Safety and Environmental Commitment:
Certifications: SGS, CE, CCC, and LABOSPORTS certifications attest to the turf’s quality and safety.
Eco-Friendly: Lead-free, heavy metal-free, and anti-UV features make this grass ideal for sunny, outdoor areas and safe for all users, including pets.

With SkyJade’s Artificial Landscape Grass, transform any space into a vibrant green oasis. This product not only meets the highest standards for synthetic turf but also contributes to eco-friendly landscaping practices, making it a smart investment for those seeking beauty, functionality, and sustainability.

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