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  • 40mm,1.57”,face weight of 75oz and total weight of 115oz.
  • Eco-Friendly: Lead-free, UV-resistant, suitable for diverse landscapes.
  • Optimal Design:C-shaped fibers and efficient drainage system.

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SkyJade Deluxe Artificial Landscape Grass: The Pinnacle of Synthetic Turf

Exceptional Quality for Landscaping:
SkyJade’s Deluxe Artificial Landscape Grass is the epitome of innovation in synthetic turf technology. Engineered for the discerning eye, it offers a lush green canvas for all types of landscape design projects. Its realistic appearance, coupled with top-tier durability, makes it a sought-after choice for residential and commercial properties, golf courses, and creative landscaping designs.

Premium Turf Specifications:
– Pile Height: The 40mm pile height is carefully selected to replicate the softness and natural sway of authentic grass.
– Dtex: An impressive Dtex of 12500 ensures each blade has superior strength and resilience.
– Density: The 18900 fibers per square meter deliver a dense, plush lawn that’s both visually stunning and comfortable underfoot.
– Gauge: The 3/8 gauge provides an ideal space between fibers for a realistic look and efficient drainage.
– Yarn Material: Monofilament PE in a C-shape fiber optimizes blade recovery and durability.

Robust Construction and Longevity:
Primary Backing: A 60g grid cloth supports the turf blades with an unyielding foundation.
Secondary Coating: The 125g PP non-woven fabric enhances the turf’s structural integrity.
Drainage Capacity: Designed with 80 to 120 drainage holes per square meter, ensuring quick and efficient water dispersion.

Convenient Packaging and Trustworthy Warranty:
Roll Dimensions: Tailored for large-scale projects with roll widths of 2m and 3m,3.6m,4m.
Warranty: A 7-year warranty backs the consistent quality and fast shipment of our best-selling turf.

Certified and Eco-Friendly:
Certifications: Our grass meets stringent standards with SGS, CE, CCC, and LABOSPORTS certifications.
Health and Safety: Guaranteed lead-free and heavy metal-free, with anti-UV protection perfect for sunlit areas.

SkyJade’s Deluxe Artificial Landscape Grass is not just another synthetic turf; it’s a fast-shipping, top-quality product that remains stable over time. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to implement eco-friendly, durable, and realistic landscaping solutions.

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