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  • 45mm,1.77”,face weight of 65oz and total weight of 105oz.Pu backing.
  • Ensures excellent water resistance in extreme weather
  • Eco-Friendly,Lead-free, heavy metal-free, and UV-resistant for safety and sustainability.
  • Versatile Use, Ideal for landscaping, golf courses, and various design projects, backed by a 10-year warranty.

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SkyJade Advanced Artificial Landscape Grass: Transforming Spaces into Verdant Paradises

Exceptional Quality for Modern Landscaping Needs:
SkyJade’s Artificial Landscape Grass is a testament to sophisticated landscaping solutions. Ideal for an array of applications, including decorative ground cover, golf course beautification, and various landscape design projects, this turf brings a touch of nature to any environment. It’s a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, meeting the high standards of the American and Canadian markets.

Premium Grass Specifications:
– Pile Height: At 45mm, the grass offers an authentic natural grass feel.
– Dtex: The robust Dtex of 11000 signifies a high-quality, durable blade structure.
– Density: Dense with 16800 stitches per square meter, creating a lush, full appearance.
– Gauge: The optimal 3/8 gauge ensures the blades are perfectly spaced for realism and durability.
– Yarn Material: Crafted from Monofilament PE, the W-shaped fibers maintain an upright position and natural look.
– Face and Total Weight: A face weight of 65oz and a total weight of 105oz per square yard, indicating the turf’s richness and quality.

Advanced Construction for Durability and Safety:
Backing Materials: A 60g grid cloth primary backing and 125g PP non-woven secondary coating add to the turf’s strength.
Waterproof PU Backing: Ensures superior water resistance, effectively handling 1600 liters of water per square meter per hour
Eco-Friendly and Safe: Lead-free, heavy metal-free, and anti-UV properties make the grass suitable for sunny areas and safe for all users.

Convenience and Assurance:
Various Roll Widths: Available in 2m, 4m, 4.57m, and 5m, suitable for different landscaping needs.
Extended Warranty: A 10-year guarantee, affirming the product’s longevity and quality.
Standard Production Size: 15 feet by 100 feet rolls, tailored for seamless installation.
-Complete Installation Kit: Includes nails, weed barrier fabric, and adhesive for easy setup.

SkyJade’s Artificial Landscape Grass is not just another turf option; it’s an integral part of modern, eco-friendly, and resilient landscape design.

Our comprehensive approach ensures you have everything needed for a convenient and efficient landscaping experience, making it a wise choice for professionals seeking quality and sustainability.

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