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  • 35mm,1.38”,face weight of 65oz and total weight of 105oz.Pu backing.
  • Highly Durable: Dtex 13000 with 17850 density for robust use.
  • Weather-Proof: Waterproof with excellent drainage.
  • Eco-Safe: Lead-free, UV-resistant for safety.
  • Versatile & Reliable: Ideal for various landscapes, backed by a 10-year warranty.

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SkyJade Elite Artificial Landscape Grass: Elevating Your Outdoor Aesthetics

SkyJade Elite Artificial Landscape Grass – where durability meets design.

This premium synthetic turf is meticulously crafted for a wide range of applications, ensuring your landscapes stand out with a natural and vibrant look.

Key Features and Benefits:
Lush and Lifelike:With a 35mm pile height and V-shaped Monofilament PE fibers, our artificial grass mimics the natural appearance and feel of real grass.
Unmatched Durability: A high Dtex of 13000 and density of 17850 ensure the turf withstands heavy foot traffic and lasts for years.
Weather Resilient: Equipped with waterproof PU backing and efficient drainage system capable of handling 1600 liters/m²/hour

Product Specifications:
– Face Weight: 65oz
– Total Weight: 105oz
– Primary Backing: 60g grid cloth
– Secondary Coating: 125g PP non-woven fabric
– Roll Width: Available in 2m, 4m, 4.57m, and 5m
– Warranty: Backed by a 10-year warranty

Versatile Applications:
Perfect for landscaping projects, golf course design, and a variety of other landscape design solutions. Our turf brings a refreshing green touch to any space.

Certifications and Standards:
Proudly meeting SGS, CE, CCC, and LABOSPORTS standards, our product is a testament to quality and commitment.

Installation Made Easy:
We offer a complete installation kit including nails, weed barrier fabric, and adhesive, simplifying your landscaping projects.

Ideal for North American Markets:
Specially designed to cater to the American and Canadian markets, our turf is available in standard sizes of 15 feet by 100 feet, ensuring a seamless installation experience.

SkyJade Elite Artificial Landscape Grass –a blend of beauty, resilience, and eco-consciousness, designed to bring your landscape visions to life.

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