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  • 100cm x 100cm, is a lush, maintenance-free green solution.
  • Enjoy lasting beauty with lifelike plants and a 5-year guarantee
  • Instantly enhancing any space.

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Transform your environment with the SkyJade High-Density Artificial Vertical Garden, a 100cm x 100cm panel that brings vibrant life to any setting. Crafted for realism, the panel features lush ferns and bright red bougainvillea blooms, creating a dense, realistic green wall. It’s built to last with a 5-year guarantee and UV resistance, ensuring your space is graced with enduring greenery.


Realistic Appeal:Lifelike ferns and vivid bougainvillea offer a touch of nature’s serenity.

Durability:Withstand the test of time outdoors or indoors with a 5-year quality promise.

Easy Installation:Ready to mount and enjoy with no upkeep needed.

Eco-Friendly Design:Safe, non-toxic materials for an environmentally responsible choice.

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