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Shock Pads

  • Shockpad is made of high-density polyethylene foam with substantial tensile strength.
  • It offers variable thickness options, providing excellent shock absorption capabilities.
  • Features an in-built drainage system to prevent swelling and shrinkage.
  • Waterproof and unaffected by wet conditions, it won’t rot or develop mold.
  • Easy to install with large rolls for quick application or 1m x 2m tiles for thicknesses over 30mm.

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Shock Pads

Shockpad,is a polyethylene foam used underneath artificial grass.

– Foam Properties:
– Density: 30 Kg/m³
– Tensile Strength: 90.4 kPa

– Thickness 10mm:
Shock absorption: 33.7%
Vertical deformation: 6.8 mm
Water infiltration rate: 12388 mm/h
HIC (Critical Fall Value): 0.3 m

– Thickness 20mm:
Shock absorption: 62%
Vertical deformation: 15 mm

– Thickness 30mm:
HIC (Critical Fall Value): 1.0 m

– Thickness 50mm:
HIC (Critical Fall Value): 1.5 m

-Easy to install due to lightweight and large rolls
-Closed cell PE does not absorb water, thus not affected by wet weather
-Machine cut edges for easy joining
-In-built drainage to eliminate swelling and shrinking
-Excellent shock absorption and ball rebound
-Will not rot or harbor mold
-Available in various thicknesses, or can be stacked

Product Description:
Shockpad is a polyethylene foam designed to provide an impact-absorbent subsurface when used with artificial grass. It is lightweight, incorporates drainage, and can be tailored to installation requirements. Shockpad is supplied in 1.5m x 50m rolls for fast installation or 1m x 2m tiles for requirements greater than 30mm thick.

The product is designed with specific standards in mind, as indicated by the references to ISO and EN (European Norm) standards, which suggest its compliance with international and European quality and safety guidelines.

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