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Glass Fence for the Swimming Pool

  • Elegant Glass Pool Fencing
  • 12mm thickness glass
  • 800mm/1000mm/1200mm width to suit different fencing needs
  • Clarity, Safety, and Style

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Elegant Glass Pool Fencing: The Perfect Blend of Style and Safety

Our premium glass pool fencing. Designed to offer unobstructed views while ensuring safety, our glass fencing is an ideal choice for those seeking both aesthetics and functionality in their pool landscape.

Key Features:
– Unobstructed Views: Our glass fencing provides clear, uninterrupted views, enhancing the overall beauty of your pool area.
– Cost-Effective Solution: While offering high-end style, our fencing is also a budget-friendly option for pool safety and design.
– Versatile Finishes: Available in both mirror and satin finishes to match your specific design preferences.
– Friction Fit Design: No holes in glass needed, ensuring a sleek and clean appearance.
– Glass Compatibility: Perfectly suits 10 to 12mm thickness glass, catering to a variety of design needs.
– Durability: Integrated 1-piece EPDM gasket and pressure plate for enhanced stability.
– Superior Corrosion Resistance: Made with 2205 duplex and SS316 stainless steel, offering exceptional durability against corrosion.
– Aesthetic Appeal: Includes a domed cover ring, adding an elegant touch to the fencing design.
– Regulatory Compliance: Meets local regulations and standards, ensuring your pool area is not only stylish but also compliant.
– Adjustability: Eccentric fixing holes in the flange allow for rotational adjustment, providing flexibility in installation.

Inner Packaging: Each unit is securely packaged in a plastic sleeve and cardboard box for protection.
Outer Packaging: Shipped in a sturdy outer carton cardboard to ensure safe transit.

Our beautifully engineered glass pool fencing. It’s not just a safety feature – it’s a statement piece that complements your home’s style, offering peace of mind without compromising on aesthetics.

Choose our glass pool fencing for a seamless blend of elegance, safety, and durability.

Premium Safety Glass for Pool Fencing: Clarity, Safety, and Style

Key Specifications:
– Robust Thickness: 12mm safety glass, offering strength and durability for your peace of mind.
– Refined Edges: Flat polished for a sleek look, with 2mm polished radius corners ensuring safety without compromising style.
– Balustrade Compliance: Fully compliant with EN 14179 standards, our glass meets stringent safety requirements.
– Versatile Sizing: Available in various sizes – 800mm wide (29kg), 1000mm wide (36kg), and 1200mm wide (43kg) to suit different fencing needs.
– Packaging Integrity: Shipped in tough cardboard packaging, ensuring that the glass arrives in pristine condition.
– Clear and Strong: Ideal for providing an unobstructed view while maintaining a secure barrier around your pool.


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