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Garden Pebbles

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Landscape design with SKYJADE’s premium selection of pebbles, the ideal accessory to our artificial turf.

Our pebbles are meticulously chosen to complement any landscaping project, adding a natural and polished finish.

Colorful Variety:
Choose from an array of colors to match your design palette:
– Black: For a bold, modern look.
– White: To brighten and contrast your green spaces.
– Red: To add warmth and vibrancy.
– Brown: For a traditional, earthy feel.
– Mixed: To create a unique and diverse landscape.

Sized to Perfection:
Our pebbles are available in three distinct sizes to cater to different design needs:
Small (1-3 cm): Ideal for subtle textural contrasts.
Medium (3-5 cm): Perfect for robust ground cover.
Large (5-8 cm): Best for creating focal points in your garden.

Versatile Use:
SKYJADE Pebbles are not just aesthetically pleasing; they’re functional. Use them to:
Craft elegant pathways.
Fill gaps between stepping stones.
Decorate garden beds for a finished look.

SKYJADE Pebbles offer both beauty and practicality, providing you with the materials you need to bring your landscaping vision to life.

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