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Co-extrusion WPC decking

  • Width 143mm x Thickness 22mm
  • 2.2m, 2.9m, 3m, 5.4m or customized
  • Easy installation,suitable for a variety of outdoor spaces

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– Material: 35% HDPE Resin, 55% Oak Wood Fiber, 10% Additive
– Length: 2.2m, 2.9m, 3m, 5.4m or customized
– Specification: Width 143mm x Thickness 22mm
– Packing: PE Film + Wooden Pallet
– Guarantee: 15 years
– Load of 20GP: 900 SQM
– Application: Balcony, Terrace, Veranda, Garden, Swimming pool, Shopping mall, etc.

Construction: It’s made using the latest technology in composite decking. A core composite material is encased with a protective outer layer on all sides through a co-extrusion process. This outer layer is what gives the decking its added strength and durability.

Durability: The protective layer offers superior resistance to the elements, stains, and fading. It typically has better performance against scratching, staining, and UV degradation compared to traditional WPC decking.

Maintenance: It requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wood, there’s no need to stain or seal it, and it’s easy to clean with soap and water.

Aesthetics: It often features a more realistic wood grain pattern and can come in a variety of colors and finishes, designed to mimic the look and feel of natural wood.

Eco-Friendly: Like other WPCs, it’s often made from recycled materials, which can be an eco-friendly option for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Installation: Co-extrusion WPC decking boards are designed for easy installation, often with a hidden fastener system that creates a smooth, nail-free surface.

Longevity: The additional layer in co-extrusion decking typically extends the life of the boards, with warranties often lasting 10 years or more, reflecting their longevity and quality.

Versatility: It’s suitable for a variety of outdoor spaces, including residential gardens, public parks, patios, and balconies. It can handle high-traffic areas and diverse weather conditions.

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